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P1: Aristotle claims that Orpheus never existed                                                                                       

                                          Oil on canvas, 82x82 cm. 2021         



P2: There is a place on Saturn’s southern hemisphere called Xanadu                                     

                                          Oil on canvas, 65x65 cm. 2021         


IMG_0111 kopiera.jpg
P3: The most skilled mediums on Earth might already have discovered life on Mars. Nevertheless, Curiosity still celebrated its first birthday by singing to itself, alone on the red planet.

                                          Oil on canvas, 80x55 cm. 2021         


IMG_0100 kopiera.jpg
P4: Scientists have long believed that woodpeckers had a built in biological shock-absorber in their heads. But today, our Scientists know that this is false. In other words, scientists claim that truth can transform itself into belief. Despite this, scientists never think whilst happy: ’I know that I am happy today, so I must have falsely believed that I was sad yesterday’.

                                         Oil on canvas, 60x97 cm. 2022         


Presume that this happens in the suburbs of Thalarion

                                          Oil on canvas, 47x79 cm. 2022         


Imagine a baker, prepating a pizza. Imagine how this baker tosses the dough, and how the centrifugal force shapes the round lump into a flat pizza base. Now, If we consider the distance between to grains of salt suspended in the dough as it spins in the air, we understand that no new dough will form in the expanding space between them, only distance.

                                          Oil on canvas, 50x50 cm. 2021         


P5: Logic is a subset of sensual figuration

                                         Oil on canvas, 90x90 cm. 2021         


IMG_0102 kopiera.jpg
P6: It is never stillness that burns, only sun. 

                                         Oil on canvas, 52x80 cm. 2022         


IMG_0104 kopiera.jpg
P7: Your words had me thinking of an artist who said that there is no place for identity, only sky. I feel free, you said, as you pointed at a bird surfing on a cool wind.

                                        Oil on canvas, 57x106 cm. 2022         


IMG_0105 kopiera.jpg
P8: When mum woke up that morning it sounded as if all the birds were singing

                                          Oil on canvas, 54x73 cm. 2022        


Imagine a caveman as he successfully peels an orange in one piece, for the very first time. Understand that he might be surprised, and not particularly fond of the idea to treat this creation as if it was a mere peel.

                                         Oil on canvas, 70x113 cm. 2021         


IMG_0109 kopiera.jpg

P9: My smartphone can remind me of Andromeda’s position in the night sky, but that information would contain the reminiscence of a loved one who enlightened me about the galaxy’s position by pointing, and not only the information in-itself.

                                         Oil on canvas, 80x60 cm. 2021         


P10: It is - as for now - a lie that ’the quantum melon society’ exists, even though hundreds of rotten watermelons where discovered outside Jönköping in August 2020.

                                         Oil on canvas, 80x60 cm. 2021         


Presume that we went on a car trip to the beach We had brought sandwiches wrapped in waxed paper and the cheese had almost melted due to the heat. We parked in a shadow that had moved by the time we got back. Can you sense how the car smell like an “old” car, despite being younger than us?

                                         Oil on canvas, 60x97 cm. 2021         


The dilemma: is it plausible to consider a cocktail-sword to be an actual sword if we would regard (1) the length of its blade in comparison to that of a cocktail-dagger (if such a thing exists), (2) its capacity to pierce a cherry and (3) its ability to inflict harm? Is it - in addition – plausible to consider a sword to be an actual cocktail-sword if it happened to decorate an unusually large cocktail?

                                         Oil on canvas, 60x80 cm. 2021         


IMG_0106 kopiera.jpg
P11: All the raindrops that has ever fallen on earth, fell towards the ground. Still, it is not impossible to imagine how the sea would suddenly start to rain towards space.

                                          Oil on canvas, 62x62 cm. 2022         


IMG_0101 kopiera.jpg
P12: Inspiration is a vivid sense of belonging to the present in which certain phenomena randomly appear, whilst nostalgia is a vivid sense of belonging to that same moment, but after additional experiences unexpectedly spell out the randomness associated with the phenomena for us.

                                         Oil on canvas, 65x92 cm. 2022         


gustaf lilliestierna - the geometry of metaphysics


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